Basic questions about the Lehigh Acres Fire and Rescue District


Q: What is the mailing address of the Lehigh Acres Fire Control District?

A: Our main administrative Station is located at Station 105; 636 Thomas Sherwin Ave S; Lehigh Acres, Fl. 33974. Our phone number is 239-303-5300.

Q: Are there current job opportunities with your department?

A: Please check our careers’ page for up-to-date job listings.

Q: What is my ISO rating in Lehigh?

A: To get your current ISO or Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating contact our office at 303-5300 (Ext “0″). The PPC rating is very important to your homeowner’s property insurance rates. PPC ratings run 1-10, and the lower the PPC rating, the lower you pay in insurance premiums. About half of the PPC rating is determined by the fire department by such things as station location, number of personnel, equipment, etc. The other half of the PPC rating is determined by things outside our control like placement and number of fire hydrants and water availability.

Normally, ponds, lakes, and canals are not considered as reliable water sources by ISO. To receive credit for the static water source, ISO would evaluate the water source with your engineering to validate the reliability during drought conditions provided by the applicant.

Generally, the closer you are to a fire station or fire hydrant the lower your ISO rating will be.

Q: How are my property taxes calculated for fire protection?

A. Fire district tax rates are set by our Lehigh Acres Fire and Rescue District Board of Commissioners each year depending on the needs of the district. Commissioners are very mindful of the pressures on homeowners and do everything they can to keep tax rates as low as possible. Beginning on October 1, 2015, the fees approved by the voters on November 4, 2014 replaced he ad-valorem method or assessment.

Q: Why does a fire truck show up for a medical emergency?

A: The Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District is an ALS (Advanced Life Support) first responder agency, and each of its fire fighting personnel are dual certified as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) or Paramedics.  Fire trucks are also equipped to handle medical emergencies with paramedics on board.  Often a fire truck is the closest unit, and its crew will respond to stabilize a patient prior to the arrival of an ambulance.  The fire truck crew can also provide additional manpower to ensure that the patient receives the fastest possible care.

Q: Does it cost me anything when I call 9-1-1 for an emergency?

A: The Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District responds to all fire and medical calls, including vehicular accidents and other service calls, at no cost.  There is a charge for Basic and Advanced Life Support ambulance transport services to local hospitals.

Q: If I lock my keys inside my vehicle, will the fire department unlock it for me?

A: Our department will respond to a true emergency situation, such as an infant or pet locked in a vehicle, and may use a punch tool or other equipment to remove one of the windows. However, if there is no emergency involved, our department must regretfully refer you to a locksmith.

Q: If I have had an emergency, how do I get a copy of the incident report?

A: If the emergency was not medically related, such as a house or vehicle fire or a service call, contact our Administration Office at 303.5300 and we will provide you with a copy of the report. However, medical information is exempt from Florida public access laws.  A copy can be provided, but all medical/patient information will have been deleted.  If the person involved in the medical incident either appears in person (with proper identification) or provides our office with a notarized release of medical/patient information form, the report can be released without modification. The unmodified report will also be released to the legal guardian of the patient or a designated executor.

Q: Where can I get my blood pressure checked?

A: The personnel at any of the fire stations will be happy to take your blood pressure whenever they are able to – that is, when they are not out of the station for emergencies or training reasons. There is no charge for the service and it is available during reasonable daytime hours.

Q:  How can I dispose of my used needles or syringes?

A: The Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District has a sharps exchange program in conjunction with other Lee County agencies.  The program allows residents to safely dispose of their used household hypodermic needles, syringes and lancets, otherwise known as sharps. Sharps must be sealed in an approved rigid, leak proof, puncture resistant container designed for medical sharps.  Filled containers can be dropped off at Station 101 and 102 and exchanged for a new container.  A sharps container may be provided to those who bring in containers not approved for use with sharps and the responsible party will be asked to transfer them to the approved container.

Empty sharps containers are available at Station 101 and Station 102. These two stations are the only two stations in Lehigh Acres designated to receive full sharps containers from the public. There is no cost for this program.

Station 101 is located at 1000 Joel Blvd       MAP 
Station 102 is located at 11 Homestead Rd S     MAP

Q:  My insurance company is looking for the ISO rating, the distance from the nearest fire hydrant and how close I am to the nearest fire station.  Can you provide that information?

A: The Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District ISO rating is a 3/3Y. To recieve this rating, you must be within 5 road miles to Lehigh Acres fire station. To recieve the lower “3″ classification, your structure must also be within 1000 feet of an active and approved municipal fire hydrant.

Q: Where is the closest Fire Station?

Fire Station 101 is located at 1000 Joel Boulevard, Lehigh Acres, Florida 33972 (Joel Blvd. & 10th Street).     MAP

Fire Station 102 is located at 11 S. Homestead Road, Lehigh Acres, Florida 33936 (Next to the Lehigh water tower on Homestead Road).     MAP

Fire Station 103 is located at 308 Gunnery Road, Lehigh Acres, Florida 33972.      MAP

Fire Station 104 is located at 3102 16th SW, Lehigh Acres, Florida 33971 (Sunshine Blvd South & 16th Street SW).     MAP

Fire Station 105 is located at 636 Thomas Sherwin Avenue S., Lehigh Acres, Florida 33974 (Bell Blvd. and Milwaukee Blvd.) and currently serves as an administrative station.     MAP

You may determine the distance between an address and the fire station through an Internet map/direction program, or by driving from the location to the station.

If additional information is necessary, we can provide a letter to the insurance company detailing our response capabilities.  Please call 239.303.5300 and ask for an insurance letter.