Residential/Recreational Open Burning Requirements

Due to changes in the Florida Statutes, all residential and commercial/agricultural burning provisions are regulated by Florida Forest Service. Please Follow this link to the Florida Forest Service’s website for additional information on burning regulations. Florida Forest Service . If you are not able to meet the required setbacks from property lines, adjacent buildings, or roads, you will not be able to conduct the burn. You should follow the Lee County Waste Management instructions for properly disposing of the materials.

Prior to residential horticultural burning or recreational burning. :

  1. Please contact the fire district with the name of the person who will be responsible for the burn;
  2. A phone number that will allow fire crews to call the responsible party back;
  3. The address of the residential burn;
  4. The type of burn being conducted;
  5. Size of the burn. Any “pile” or burning that is more than an eight feet diameter pile must have Forestry Approval and permitting prior to burn. An inspection may be required from Forestry.
  6. Identify when the burn will start and be completed. You must completely extinguish the fire (with water) before you leave it unattended. Any fire that escapes your control, you can be held responsible for any damages and suppression costs to contain and extinguish.

To contact the fire district, call 239-303-5300 or 239-896-0140 to report your burn information.