The Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District (District) would like to announce that the Fire Protection Classification has been reduced from a “4” to a “3” for structures that are within 1000 feet of an accepted municipal fire hydrant and within five (5) road miles of a District fire station. Structures that are not within 1000 feet of a municipal fire hydrant, but are within five (5) road miles of a District fire station have also changed from a “4Y” or “8B” to a “3Y”. Structures that are located more than five (5) road miles from a District station will remain a “10”. These changes became effective December 1, 2015 and reflect a recent re-evaluation by ISO of the fire protection services provided to the community by the District.

Property owners with a fire insurance policy should contact their insurance carriers and request a review to see what the reduction means in the form of a potential reduction in insurance premiums for fire insurance.

ISO is an independent organization that provides communities and businesses with various rating and evaluation services throughout the United States. The ISO Public Protection Classification is used by some insurance carriers to develop a hazard rating, and thus a premium for fire insurance. The ratings scale created by ISO notes the best possible classification as a “1” with “10” being the highest as it is more than five (5) road miles from a fire station.

A copy of the letter from ISO is attached for review. Any questions regarding the classification for the property should be directed to the Life Safety Management Division by calling 239-303-5300.

ISO Letter – Dated August 31, 2015 – Link


Updated December 3, 2015