The Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District has created this web page to provide information to the residents and citizens of Lehigh Acres, Lee County, Florida in accordance with the requirements of Florida Statute 189.069. Many of these requirements are contained and referenced on other pages of this website. To view from this page, select the noted link. Upon completion of your review, you will need to select the “Go Back” option of your web browser to return to this compliance page, or select from the Administrative Page menu options.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing a superior emergency service, continually improving the quality of service delivered to the citizens and visitors of Lehigh Acres.

Vision Statement

The Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District is committed to leading the Nation in a superior level of emergency service.

Core Values

  •  Excellence – Striving for constant improvement to better serve the community and each other.
  • Safety – The preservation of life remains the number one goal that begins with the firefighters and extending to the public.
  • Valor – Courageously encountering adversity, accepting responsibility for ones actions, and providing respectful and professional conduct due the public and our members.
  • Integrity – Always doing what is right even when it’s difficult or unpopular so that what we do individually and as an organization will stand up to public scrutiny.
  • Dedication – Completely committed to the mission and vision of our department. The faithful observance of duty beckons us to fulfill our obligations professionally and honestly.

The public purpose can also be noted to provide fire suppression, advanced life support services, and fire prevention within the specific geographical boundaries of the Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District (hereinafter known as District). This is accomplished with a Board of Fire Commissioners who are elected by the people within the geographical boundaries of the fire district in public elections with the commissioners generally holding a term of 4 years. To view our currently elected Board of Fire Commissioners, please follow the attached link, ” BOARD MEMBERS “. Should a Commissioner fail to complete his or her term for any reason, the remaining members of the governing Board may fill the vacancy in accordance with Florida law.

The District begins it’s operating budget year on October 1st of each year and completes on September 30th of the following year. An example would be: October 1, 2015 until September 30, 2016.  Budgets are created by staff and proposed and adopted by the Board through public workshops and hearings. To view the adopted budget(s), please review “BUDGET” page.  Board meeting dates and times are posted on the website once they have been approved by the Board. To review the proposed, and past meeting dates, select ” MEETING DATES ”. Each year the District has an independent audit conducted pursuant to state and federal laws. The adopted Annual Audit can be found by following “ANNUAL AUDIT“. To view the Annual Audit submitted to the Florida Department of Financial Services’ website as set forth in s. 218.32(1)(g).   select – LINK 

Pursuant to Florida Statues 189 and 191, and Florida Law 97-340, the District was established by the Florida Legislature in 1963 as a volunteer fire department and later grew to provide full-time firefighters to staff the District’s response vehicles. Florida Law 2000-406 is the latest enabling act which has superseded all previous versions and is provided here for your review: “ENABLING ACT“. The geographical boundaries can be found in the legal description within Florida Law 2000-406. The District provides fire suppression, fire prevention, advanced life support medical transport and EMS care. Further information regarding services provided can be found on our “ABOUT THE DISTRICT” page.

The Contact/Mailing information for the District is:
Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District
636 Thomas Sherwin Ave S
Lehigh Acres, Florida 33974
Phone (239) 303-5300
Fax (239) 369-2436
Email Address:

The current fees, assessments and/or charges imposed and collected by the District can be found on our “Adopted Resolutions Page” page.

It is very important for everyone representing the District to maintain high ethical standards of conduct. The elected commissioners of the District recognize and support the Florida laws that require proper and ethical conduct by the representatives of the District, including the laws in Chapter 112, Part III, of the Florida Statutes that describe the ethical standards of conduct of government representatives. Further information can be found on the “ETHICAL STANDARDS“.

Public Facility Reports:

Department of Financial Services’ website as set forth in s. 218.32(1)(g).   LINK

Any questions about any information found on this page or for any inquiries; contact the Chief Executive Officer of the Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District, Fire Chief Robert Dilallo. Chief Dilallo can be contacted via:

Fire Chief Robert Dilallo
Lehigh Acres Fire Control and Rescue District
636 Thomas Sherwin Ave S
Lehigh Acres, Florida 33974
Phone: (239) 303-5300
Fax: (239) 369-2436